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Under the Mikroscope 🔍 Kushagra Singh – Animation Artist

Kushagra Singh – Animation Artist at Mikros Animation in Bengaluru shares his background, his favorite Mikros Animation character and his greatest successes.

18 September 2023

Our Mikros Animation Bangalore studio is going under the Mikroscope! We asked our creative talent 8 questions so you that you can get to know them, their experience in VFX, and their successes. At the end, they in turn pass the baton to one of their colleagues to go under the Mikroscope.

Today we spotlight Kushagra Singh – Animation Artist at Mikros Animation, nominated by Surbhi Jauhari to talk about their first project since joining Mikros, biggest inspirations, superpowers, and gives us an insight into their role at Mikros Animation.

What is the best part of your job? 

The best part is the process of creating such amazing shows and movies from scratch. We take ideas and bring them to life, and the impact it leaves on people’s minds is awesome. I also love the fact that I get to work with such amazing artists all around the word. Well, to be honest everything is great about being in this industry. 

What was the first project you worked on when you joined Mikros Animation?  

My first project was Mira, Royal Detective. It was also my first Disney project. As an Indian, I was amazed to see those characters. It had lots of colours, music, sweets, and dance — just the way I see India.

Share your student and professional background to get to your position at Mikros Animation! 

I graduated in Animation and VFX, but I’ve learned most of my skills while working in the industry. So far, my career has been a mixture of different genres. I worked on some VFX movies and mobile/console games before fully entering the CG animation industry. I joined Mikros Animation in 2021, and since then, I have contributed to so many great stories.

Who or what inspires you? 

Well, as an artist, you can draw inspiration from anything. However, I’d also like to emphasize that I often find inspiration from passionate artists and witnessing their incredible work. I often find myself contemplating deeply on how these individuals managed to achieve such remarkable performances in their shots.

If you had to be a character in Mikros Animation’s films and series, who would you be? 

Haha! Interesting. I would choose to be an antagonist in a film because… It feels good to be bad. Similarly, I’d also like to be a detective and solve mysteries, just like Mira.

Your biggest achievement so far? 

I was a part of Rockstar Games and worked on one of the highest-rated games of all times. It is still one of the biggest achievements of my career.  
At Mikros, I’ve had the opportunity to work on two upcoming feature films that will undoubtedly make a significant impact on the audience. Working on feature films is every animator’s dream, and I am truly grateful to Mikros Animation for providing me with these opportunities.

What would be your superpower?  

To fly faster than light, enabling me to enter a black hole and witness its contents firsthand, and then return to share the secrets discovered (I am a space geek).

What advice would you give to your younger self?  

Alas! There is a lot to tell. Firstly, I would say not to get depressed if you see someone’s progress is much better than yours. Every journey is different, and you are on your own path. However, the most crucial piece of advice would be to never doubt yourself. You are just as much of an artist as someone who is sitting and animating in Pixar’s movies. Animation is an art, so enjoy it just like you enjoy creating your paintings.

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