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Animation Magazine | Ready to Pivot and Adapt: How Top Animation Service Studios Are Facing Today’s Industry Challenges

Article by Ryan Gaur dated June 28, 2024

1 July 2024

If you open the June/July issue of Animation Magazine, you’ll find a testimonial from Adrianna Cohen, Mikros Animation’s Global Head of Production.

In this interview, Adrianna Cohen, Global Head of Production at Mikros Animation, highlights the crucial role of service studios in the animation industry. These studios, though often unsung, are vital in bringing to life projects envisioned by major studios like Disney, DreamWorks, and Paramount. For instance, Mikros Animation animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem for Paramount.

Cohen emphasizes Mikros Animation’s flexibility, being able to adapt to any artistic style without a “house style.” This versatility is a major asset that allows them to push creative boundaries and entertain audiences. She also stresses the importance of staying in tune with market changes, especially with the recent decline in demand for animation from streaming services.

Other industry leaders also weigh in. Clément Calvet, CEO of Superprod Animation, highlights the benefits of having an international and diverse studio presence, while Gregory Little of Mainframe Studios talks about the stability from long-term partnerships and the ability to attract new talent.

The impact of AI is discussed as well. Cohen sees potential in AI for improving tools and expanding creative possibilities but advises caution to preserve the artistic integrity of animation. Calvet uses AI to avoid conventional ideas, and Fajner from Superprod notes that AI might simplify mechanical tasks while opening new creative opportunities.

Finally, they discuss current animation trends, noting a shift towards more stylized and hybrid 2D/3D approaches, despite the ongoing dominance of CG. Cohen concludes by stating that the future of animation lies in innovation and diverse storytelling, driven by independent creators and new generations of viewers.

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