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A look back at the Orion and the Dark conference at FMX

The “ORION & THE DARK Global Collaboration” conference took place as part of THE ART OF ANIMATION N.E.W.S. conferences.

7 May 2024

Last Friday, as part of theFMX Festival in Stuttgart, the Orion and The Dark conference took place, led by Julien Meesters, SVP and Head of Creative at Mikros Animation, along with Russell Tracy Jr., VP of Creative Operations at Mikros Animation, who joined the presentation via live feed from London.

Mikros at FMX

This 45-minute presentation was followed by a Q&A session, as part of the N.E.W.S. conferences focusing on the theme of multi-location and multi-culture at Mikros. Speaker Julien Meesters provided insights into the diverse world of Mikros Animation, with a specific case study on ‘Orion and The Dark’ presented by Rusty Tracy.

The conference explored the collaborative process and behind-the-scenes aspects of working in a multi-cultural and multi-location studio setting at Mikros Animation.

More info on Orion and The Dark here.