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5 August 2017

In this very detailed article, Mark Osborne tells everything about his creative decisions driven by his willingness to protect the integrity of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s book.

As The Little Prince finally gets released in the US, Animation World Network interviewed director Mark Osborne about his CG/stop-motion adaptation of the classic French novella.

Extracts of the storyboard, color script sequence, animation guidelines are shared – a great article to dive into the making-of of the film.

We wanted to give the animators all the tools that they needed to be as expressive as they could possibly be with those characters. If your rigging is lacking then you’re limiting the ability of your animators to emote. Hidetaka [Hide] Yosumi was the technical character director on the CG side and he did an incredible job of providing robust rigging and support to our animators.”

Mark Osborne

Don’t wait to read it all on the Animation World Network website by clicking here.