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17 February 2021

In its article of January 13, Cartoon Brew shared the work of veteran animator and educator Marco Sensei, who follows the performance of French animated films in France. The list of winners is updated every year and the figures for 2020 have revealed a very nice surprise. 

In the top 10 of the French box office are three feature animations crafted totally or partially in the Mikros Animation studios! 

Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion is the all-time best performer with close to 4 million entries in France and Astérix – The Mansion of Gods is ranked n°2 with more than 3 million entries. 

The Little Prince comes at the 9th position with nearly 2 million entries. 

It is a great pride to see how successful these three feature animations are! They have marked the history of our studios in Paris and Montreal, as well as the spirits of our artists who worked on these beautiful adventures! 

We can’t resist sharing the trailers of these masterpieces – to be seen and seen again!