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‘Orion and the Dark’: Jacob Tremblay and Paul Walter Hauser in Clever Animation Penned by Charlie Kaufman

Read journalist Frank Scheck’s movie review for The Hollywood Reporter, on the animated film Orion and The Dark directed by Sean Charmatz.

29 January 2024
Hollywood Reporter - Orion and The Dark Mikros Animation

“The best animated movies are entertaining enough for kids while providing rewarding diversions for older viewers. This Netflix premiere from DreamWorks Animation hits just that sweet spot. Hilariously and movingly tapping into typical childhood anxieties, it’s infused with ample wit of both the visual and verbal variety for adults, the latter courtesy of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman in his return to feature-length animation, nine years after Anomalia. Much like the streamer’s recent Nimon, Orion and the Dark proves the sort of sophisticated animated project that outshines many recent big-screen toons.”

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