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From PAWs To Pixels – Prathik Gopinath, Animation Supervisor

Now that the film ‘PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie’ is in theaters, we continue to spotlight our super teams at Mikros Animation in Montreal, Bangalore, and Paris, who crafted these adorable pups!

10 October 2023

Prathik Gopinath participated in the From PAWs To Pixels interview and answered our questions! He shared insights into his role as Animation Supervisor on PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, as well as some of his favorite production memories:

  • Tell us about your journey into Mikros Animation? 

My journey at Mikros Animation has been nothing short of remarkable. Six years ago, I embarked on this adventure as a wide-eyed Senior animator, During my time at Mikros, I had the privilege of working on a diverse range of episodic shows. Each project brought its own unique challenges and learning opportunities. I quickly realized that Mikros was not just a workplace; it was a creative incubator where growth was encouraged and nurtured. 
One of the defining moments of my career came when I was entrusted with the role of lead animator on my first feature film, Ozi, Voice of the Forest. It was a dream come true and a significant milestone. Then came my next Milestone Paw Patrol –The Mighty Movie” 
As I look ahead, I am excitedly waiting for more challenging and fun projects to work on. My time at Mikros Animation has been a whirlwind of growth and creativity, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

  • What was your role on PAW Patrol: the Mighty Movie? 

In Paw Patrol 2 I had the privilege of serving as the Animation Supervisor. My role was to ensure that our team matched the quality and delivery standards set for the Show. It was a rewarding experience, overseeing the animation process and collaborating with a talented team to bring this project to life. 

  • What was your first reaction after learning you’d be working on the Animation for PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie?  

I was super excited when I learned that I was Joining the Paw Patrol franchise. I saw PAW 1 and felt lucky to be part of PAW 2 , but it was only after I delved into the show that I utterly understood its immense popularity. Discovering the passionate fan base left me in awe and filled me with pride to be part of something so beloved. Seeing the excitement in kids when they learned about my involvement with Paw Patrol made me feel like a superstar in their eyes, and it was a heartwarming experience that reminded me of the magic of storytelling. 

  • What were the artistic and technical challenges of the movie? 

Undoubtedly, there were challenges to overcome. Our team, including me as a first-time supervisor, was new to Quadruped Animation. We had the daunting task of matching the benchmark set in the first movie. 

Since this was a shared project, the time zone difference between Montreal and Bangalore was a significant hurdle. We were practically on opposite sides of the globe, which meant late evening reviews for us in Bangalore and early mornings for Memo (Guillermo Dupinet) in Montreal. 

The pipeline for the project was also new, which added complexity to our work. Coordinating and integrating various elements within this new pipeline required careful planning and execution. A huge Shout out to the CG and Support team in Bangalore for being the lifesavers all through the show. 

However, what stands out most in this experience The immense Dedication and hard work the animation team put forth. and the incredible bonding that developed over time. Thanks to Memo and the Montreal team’s unwavering support, We gradually caught up to the show’s demanding pace. It was a testament to the power of collaboration and teamwork in overcoming even the most daunting challenges. 

  • Describe the movie in 3 words 




  • What have you learned since working on PAW 2? 

“Paw Patrol” taught me a powerful lesson: while storytelling reigns supreme, collaboration and teamwork are its loyal allies. In my experience, the production and creative teams often clash, adding pressure to the mix. But Paw Patrol was different. 

Here, we discovered a unique harmony. Despite our differing opinions, we found a way to respect each other’s priorities, functioning as a single, cohesive team. Our meetings resembled war rooms, where challenges turned into opportunities. This transformed the workplace into an enjoyable and vibrant space. 

I tip my hat to the incredible production team in Bangalore. They exemplified how the fusion of logic and artistry can birth astonishing masterpieces. This experience reaffirmed that teamwork is the golden key to unlocking the true potential of storytelling. 

Tell us a production memory!

One cherished memory that stands out among many. is the celebration that erupted on the studio floor whenever a shot received the director’s approval. It was a welcome and refreshing break after a long and arduous day of work. The joyous atmosphere, filled with cheers and smiles, not only lifted our spirits but also served as a powerful motivator to strive for excellence in every frame we crafted. Those moments of shared success and camaraderie remain etched in my memory as a testament to the collective passion and dedication of our team. Missing this a lot!

Thanks Prathik! To discover more stories from our teams, visit this link!

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