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From PAWs To Pixels – Sylvain Salamé – CG Supervisor

Now that the film ‘PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie’ is in theaters, we continue to spotlight our super teams at Mikros Animation in Montreal, Bangalore, and Paris, who crafted these adorable pups!

5 October 2023

In this new interview From PAWs To Pixels, Sylvain Salamé, CG Supervisor on PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, shares his fondest memories of the film and his colleagues at Mikros Animation Montréal :

  • Tell us about your role and journey into Mikros Animation? 

I started in Mikros as Lead Lighting on The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge On The Run and continued as Lighting Supervisor on the first Paw Patrol: The Movie

  • What was your role on PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie? 

My role in the movie was CG Supervisor Image in charge of Modeling, Groom, Surfacing, Matte Painting, Lighting and Compositing departments.

  • You were already present on PAW Patrol: the Movie. Can you tell us what has changed in terms of production between these two films and what were the new artistic and technical challenges? 

One of the biggest changes compared to the first movie was having most artists working in the studios or in hybrid! That was great to have artists back on the floor, feeling more like working as a team and I think it was a big plus for the cohesion!  

On artistic and technical sides, the biggest challenges were the VFX on this movie. We had so many different effects to deal with, many of them magical ones, integrated within the assets for example. We also had a lot of explosions during the flying sequences. It was quite complex to anticipate issues in previz dept the explosions which will be made by the FX team months later. It’s exploding everywhere! 

  • Describe the movie in 3 words 

Furry, Flying, Explosions… Michael Bay would be proud! 🙂

  • What have you learned since working on PAW 2? 

I learnt a lot about how to make a crazy superhero movie for kids! Having so many VFX shots and how to find the right balance artistly and technically with the Director and the VFX team.  

  • Tell us a production memory! 

The morning when the trailer was released was amazing, having so many people from all the different departments getting excited by the great reception was awesome. The comments were very funny with many fans trying to find out the story, sometimes quite close to reality but often very far away as well made our day. 

Thanks Sylvain! To discover more stories from our teams, visit this link!