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Ozi, a new collaboration with GCI Films

Mikros Animation Paris & Bangalore is happy to announce a new collaboration on a new international feature animation project!

This is the story of Ozi, an orphan orangutan, who uses her influencer skills to save her forest and home from deforestation.

Supported by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way Productions and multi-Academy-Award-winning producer Mike Medavoy, the feature aims to raise awareness around the issues our planet’s rainforests face due to growing levels of deforestation, and how this affects the ecosystems within.


GCI Films


Tim Harper


Keith Chapman & Rodrigo Blass

Services provided

Creative studio (Paris & Bangalore) Line Production Executive Production

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Voices of Ozi: Voice of the Forest include Amandla Stenberg as Ozi, Laura DernRuPaulDonald Sutherland and Djimon Hounsou, under the direction of renowned animated content director Tim Harper and creators Keith Chapman (PAW Patrol, Bob the Builder) and Rodrigo Blaas (Pixar’s WALL-E, Finding Nemo). The original screenplay was written by Emmy Award winner Ricky Roxburgh (Tangled, Spy Kids).

With creative development from concept-to-delivery from the Mikros Animation team, the fully CGI film features the animation work of over 300 animation experts globally, driven by both their passion for storytelling, and communicating the underlying social cause. Sean Mullen, Head of Story and Character Animation at Mikros, comments, “Through this film’s animation style, we’ve aimed to build something that feels both fun and whimsical, with the ultimate goal to marry art and entertainment with messages around global deforestation.”

Adam Stanhope, Director of CGI Film, adds, “Mikros Animation are a key part of the global team we have assembled to complete this project, and it’s a testament to the strength of our story that we’ve been able to attract such world class talent and production partners.”

We are all with Ozi! Discover the stories of our teams, who in turn carry the voice of Ozi.



Head of Character Animation - Additional Writing

Sean Mullen

Art Director, Production Designer

Stéphane Daegelen

VFX Supervisor

Manuel Souillac

Line Producer

Nathalie Masseret

Animation Supervisor

Rubul Das

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