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Under the Mikroscope 🔍 Julia Truong – Production Coordinator at Mikros Animation Paris

19 April 2023

Mikros Animation Paris’ teams under the Mikroscope! We asked them 8 questions so that you can get to know them, their world and their successes. At the end, they in turn pass the baton to one of their colleagues so that another person can answer the same questions!

Today, Julia Truong – Production Coordinator, shares her journey and what inspires her:

What is the best part of your job?

Being able to help, support and supervise the teams as well as I can for the success of the productions.

What was the first project you worked on when you joined Mikros Animation?

I started on The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run in Paris as a Production Assistant, which was also my very first animated film.

Share your student and professional background to get to your position at Mikros Animation!

I have had a fairly busy career in the world of animated film.

I studied at the Institut de l’Internet et MultiMedia – Pole Leonard de Vinci in La Défense in the 3D axis. My studies lasted 5 years, the first 3 allowed me to acquire all the technical bases of 3D.

In parallel to my studies, I worked in production at MacGuff Line, a studio specialised in VFX and commercials.

During the last 2 years of study I was trained in Production Management. I had the opportunity to join the great Mikros Animation family in a work experience program.

The rest… you know! 😊 

Who inspires you?

My parents are my big inspirations! They had to come to France very young to escape the war in Asia and worked very hard for our family. Perseverance and positivity is the driving force in our lives.

If you had to be a character in Mikros Animation’s films and series, who would you be?
If I had to be a person from a Mikros film or series… it would be Sandy in Sponge Bob.

Your biggest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement is to have overcome a stomach bug and then the next day to climb Mont Ventoux by foot with snow and blizzard.

What would be your super power? 
Teleportation without a doubt! To be able to travel all over the world without limits… ah, the dream!

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”

It’s your turn to name someone from Mikros Animation Paris, to answer these 8 questions!
Franck Clement Larosiere, your turn!

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