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#FocusArtist – Anna Kern, Lead Animator

22 April 2024

Anna Kern, Lead Animator at Mikros Animation Paris, tells you more about her work on the film The Tiger’s Apprentice in this #FocusArtist.

She remembers starting work on the film when she moved from the UK to France amidst the pandemic in January 2021. The production process was unusual as everyone was working remotely, with travel restrictions in place in France. Despite these challenges, the project evolved over time, presenting animation challenges, including a demand for more naturalistic animation and impressive action sequences.

According to Anna, the film is a true visual feast, with stunning visuals from the early stages of development. Set in San Francisco and primarily taking place in Chinatown, it offers a visually appealing and engaging blend. The teams succeeded in creating exceptional imagery and gripping action sequences, contributing to an immersive visual experience.

Anna highly recommends the film, highlighting the hard work and collective intelligence invested in it. She emphasizes the captivating action, creature fights, chase sequences, and emotional moments that make it a rewarding watch, blending visual beauty and emotional depth.