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Talent Spotlights

#FocusArtist – Eddy Frechou, Set Modeling Supervisor

30 April 2024

Eddy Frechou, Set Modeling Supervisor at Mikros Animation Paris, shares his experience working on the film The Tiger’s Apprentice, where he led the team responsible for designing sets and props.

He explains how ideas from the art directors were translated into 3D models. One amusing anecdote involves the design of Temple 12 and the excitement it generated among the team. Despite some challenges, the design process was flexible, with weekly meetings to showcase progress. Eddy values his time at Mikros Animation, where he met colleagues he hopes to work with again on future projects.

He’s eager for audiences to see Temple 12, one of the film’s most impressive sets, and hopes it provides an immersion into Chinese culture, which is not often represented in animation, allowing everyone to enjoy the film to the fullest.