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Under the Mikroscope 🔍 Anna Kern – Animation Lead at Mikros Animation Paris

23 February 2023

Mikros Animation Paris’ teams under the Mikroscope! We asked them 8 questions so that you can get to know them, their world and their successes. At the end, they in turn pass the baton to one of their colleagues so that another person can answer the same questions!

For this new interview, Anna Kern, Animation Lead at Mikros Animation Paris, tells you more about her:

What is the best part of your job?
There is so many things I love about my job. First of all, having a chance to work on a variety of fantastic projects, often so different in style. Im learning something new every day and I get to work with very inspiring people.

What was the first project you worked on when you joined Mikros Animation?
It was Sherlock Gnomes, at Mikros Animation London office.

Share your student and professional path to your position at Mikros Animation!
My path was not straightforward.
I have a degree in Applied Linguistics and Hispanic Studies. I used to work as an interpreter and translator. At some point I was translating a game called The Chronicles of Narnia, and as part of the job I had to translate also the Credits booklet, that included biographies of some of the game creators. I remember feeling so inspired after reading it – all my childhood dreams awoke, and all the love for animation. I thought it would be great to try to be part of this world. I looked up all the animation schools in Europe, I found one in Barcelona, and I did a postgraduate course in Character Animation. After that I landed my first CG job and I continued doing online courses (specific to animation).
At first, I worked in advertising and in game cinematics. Then I moved on to full CG feature films and VFX. I enjoyed every step of my journey, but eventually I realized that fully animated films/series, with lots of interesting characters and acting choices to explore, are what I want to focus on in my career.  
Mikros Animation seemed like a perfect fit! 

What inspires you or who inspires you?
It will sound cliche, but I’m inspired by all the artists around me and by the work they produce. I’m amazed how much I can learn from people with different backgrounds than mine. Being open to new experiences is always a great source of inspiration. 

If you had to be a character in Mikros Animation’s films and series, who would you be?
Of course, CHASE – always on the case 😉 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Spin Master.

Your biggest achievement so far?
Making my childhood dream a reality. 

What would be your superpower?
Machine Whisperer – no program dares crashing in my presence!   

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
I would say: be open to and inspired by other peoples ideas and don’t be afraid to share yours! 

It’s your turn to name someone from Mikros Animation Paris, to answer these 8 questions!  

Mickael Nauzin, it’s your turn!

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