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Star Trek: Prodigy is an American animated television series created by Kevin and Dan Hageman for the streaming service Paramount+ and the cable channel Nickelodeon. It is the tenth Star Trek series and was launched in 2021 as part of executive producer Alex Kurtzman's expanded Star Trek Universe. Prodigy is the first Star Trek series to target younger audiences and is also the franchise's first animated series to solely use 3D animation. It follows a group of young aliens who find the USS Protostar, an abandoned starship.


Nickelodeon Animation Studios


Ben Hibon

Created by

Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman


20 x 24’

Services Provided

Creative studio (Bangalore)

Full credits on IMDB

Want to know more about the Star Trek: Prodigy animated series?

Watch #StarCast a four-part series explaining the work of our teams! Our Mikros Animation teams in Bangalore explain how they managed to reach the cinematic quality animation that Nickelodeon expected on the show:

To learn more about the teams that worked on the series, check out our OpenMik video series on Youtube.


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