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Meet Sean Mullen

1 March 2022

Sean P. Mullen is a three decade veteran of the animation industry with high-end animation, development, and management experience.

As a traditional 2D, then CG Animator, Sean helped bring characters to life in projects from The Lion King (1994) and Space Jam (1996), to Stuart Little (1999), and Open Season (2006) among others. Along the way, he earned an Annie Award nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Character Animation in a Feature Production, and won the VES award for Best Character Animation in an Animated Motion Picture.

Sean has been involved in the story and visual development of numerous projects including Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (2009), Surf’s Up (2007), and Hotel Transylvania (2012) to name a few. He has held roles as a Story Artist, Head of Story, Writer and Character Designer. He has also been a core member of IP development groups at studios from Sony Animation, where he helped develop their initial slate of feature projects, to Mikros Animation today.

Sean’s leadership experience began as a Lead Animator on Stuart Little 2 (2002), then carried him through supervising full animation and story teams, followed by animation departments of 100+ artists. He eventually managed an entire studio of artists as Creative Director at Technicolor’s highly successful Animation & Games studio in Bangalore, India (since rebranded Mikros Animation, Bangalore). There, he helped oversee expansion of the team from 800 to 1800+ employees over the course of four years, while simultaneously leading continuous growth in the quality of all work being delivered.

Most recently, Sean has been the Mikros Animation Paris studio’s Head of Character Animation for the full animation department. While in this position, he also played a central role in the development and production of Mikros Animation’s first in-house developed feature film, Ozi (2022). As one of two Screenwriters, Head of Story, and Head of Character Animation, his direct influence is clearly evident throughout the film. Ozi is also the first feature produced collaboratively between Mikros Animation’s Paris and Bangalore studios, with Sean at the forefront of building a seamless unity between teams physically separated by both distance and a global pandemic.

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