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Under the Mikroscope 🔍 Axel Gilet – Production Coordinator at Mikros Animation Paris

27 March 2023

Mikros Animation Paris’ teams under the Mikroscope! We asked them 8 questions so that you can get to know them, their world and their successes. At the end, they in turn pass the baton to one of their colleagues so that another person can answer the same questions!

Nominated by his colleague Emmanuelle Trillot, it’s now the turn of Axel Gilet, Production Coordinator – Final Layout / Stereo / Lighting to answer our questions. Here are his answers:

What is the best part of your job?

The connection with the people around me 5 days a week. Whether it’s the production, the artists, whether we’re working on the same project or not, I love meeting passionate people, incredible artists, teams who give everything to make their work the best it can be, or just people who are like me and with whom I can exchange and grow.  

What was the first project you worked on when you joined Mikros Animation?

I joined Mikros Animation as Final Layout and Stereo Coordinator on The Tiger’s Apprentice. During my interview, I said that my favourite 3D production stages were the layout and the technical and artistic parts at the end of the chain. In the end I was able to work on all the departments I like as I ended up joining the Lighting team!  

Share your student and professional background to get to your position at Mikros Animation!
I started my studies in international relations at university, then a master in Communication and finally an MBA in Audiovisual Production. In the middle of all this, I worked with associations specialising in the production of short films and directed a few, I worked in television for Turner and TV5MONDE.
At the beginning of 2021, I became a production manager at Blue Spirit for a youth series. And it’s only been a year since I joined Mikros Animation!  

What inspires you or who inspires you?
What inspires me is going to the cinema, watching films I know by heart and listening to punk rock! Who inspires me is passionate people, people with a sense of humour and people with a good mood!  

If you had to be a character in Mikros Animation’s films and series, who would you be?
That would be Obélix, in the film Asterix: The Mansions of the Gods.


Your biggest achievement so far?
Getting where I am and being happy to go to work in the morning!  

What would be your superpower?
Too many ideas… my superpower would be to have a new superpower every Monday morning!  

What advice would you give to your younger self? 
Only listen to people who inspire you, life is beautiful, and you won’t get bored!  

It’s your turn to name someone from Mikros Animation Paris, to answer these 8 questions!  

Carla Uroz ! Your turn 😉

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