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Talent Spotlights

#OpenMik – The Tiger’s Apprentice | Episode 3/4

3 April 2024

Our Mikros Animation teams are here to share what they’ve learned from their collaboration on the film The Tiger’s Apprentice in this third episode of #OpenMik 🎙️

This tiger lesson comes after two and a half years of work during and after COVID, with artists spanning across 13 different countries.

👏 Thanks to:

Mikey Schanz – Production Manager

Aur̩lia Abate РExecutive Producer

Marc Razafindralambo – Character Modeling Supervisor

Yannick Honor̩ РAnimation Supervisor

Fran̤ois Zarroca РHead of Pipeline

Benjamin Dupin – Crowd Supervisor

St̩phanie Aubriot РCG Supervisor

Nicolas Gibut – Technical Animation Supervisor

Olivier Mitonneau – Environmement Supervisor