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Talent Spotlights

Meet Philippe Palmieri

4 May 2022

Phillipe has a 20-year experience in the entertainment industry and has gained extensive knowledge in both VFX and animation. He’s stated his career as a CG artist and VFX supervisor at BUF Compagnie where he worked on Panic Room directed by David Fincher. He then moved to the advertising industry and over 7 years, he contributed to various music videos and commercials at various studios. During this time, he had the opportunity to also work on some animation projects bringing his experience of CG supervision. This led him to work for La Station Animation on the pilot of Sahara, the feature animation directed by Pierre Coré in 2013 and soon after, he joined the production team to take charge of the 3D look development, CG and pipeline supervision.

During the production of Sahara, Philippe was introduced to Mikros Animation, which acted as creative studio and line producer on the feature film and joined the Paris studio in 2016. He worked as Lead Lighting on multiple feature animation such as Sherlock Gnomes directed by John Stevenson for Paramount Pictures, Asterix – The Secret of the Magic Potion directed by Louis Clichy & Alexandre Astier. He then evolved to a Look Dev Supervisor position for films in production such as Ozi produced by GCI Films or The Tiger’s Apprentice produced by Paramount Feature Animation.

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