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Meet Apoorva Arun, Animation Junior Artist at Mikros Animation Bangalore

15 March 2023

Spotlight on Apoorva Arun, Junior Animation Artist who answered our questions, so you can get to know her better! Find out which character she identifies with, as well as the advice she would give to a child who wants to do her job.

If you had to pick an alternate career, what would you do?

Animation has always been my passion, but if I had to pick an alternate career, I would consider starting a business creating handmade greeting cards. As someone who enjoys being creative, I believe that this business would be a fulfilling and enjoyable one. I love the idea of creating unique, personalized cards that convey heartfelt messages for various occasions such as birthdays, holidays, weddings and personalised requirements.

What’s the best and worst part of being in animation?

The best part of working in this field is that we can use our creativity to bring our ideas to life and entertain people. We also get to work with other talented and passionate people and learn new skills from them which leads to job satisfaction and personal growth. 

In our field of work, sometimes we need to stretch long hours to finish our projects on time, which can be very tiring and stressful. But It’s exciting to watch my shots in the final film. That’s a thrilling experience to cherish for a long time. 

Which animated character do you identify with the most?

Patrick from The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the run is my favourite! He is an easy-going character, who always tries to help others. His happy-go-lucky attitude and enjoying trivial things in life makes him the character I can relate to most closely.

What’s one piece of advice you’d give to a child who wants to do what you do?

My advice would be to never stop learning and practicing. Animation requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but it can also be a lot of fun! Start by drawing every day and experimenting with different styles and techniques. Learn about the principles of animation and try to apply them in your work. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes and keep trying until you get it right. If you are passionate to pursue your dreams you can become a superb animator one day!

Did you have a mentor? How did they help shape your outlook on the industry and your career?

Yes, I had mentors who played a significant role in my life. They guided and supported me to achieve my goals. They also encouraged me emotionally which is helpful in a challenging field like animation. Their feedback helped in making my work better and encouraged me to grab the opportunities that came along the way.

What piece of work are you most proud of?

The quote “Art speaks where words are unable to explain” resonates deeply with me because I believe that art has the power to communicate emotions, thoughts, and ideas that may be difficult to express through words alone. This is why creating handmade greeting cards is my passion – through my cards, I can convey heartfelt messages of love, appreciation, and celebration that words may not fully capture.

I started off making greeting cards for my friends and family for their special moments. Seeing the smiles on their faces when they received them gave me a sense of satisfaction and joy, this sparked a desire within me to venture into this as a business opportunity.

As I continued to create cards for my friends and family, they noticed my talent and encouraged me to share my work with a wider audience. This led me to create an Instagram page, @heart_in_the_cards, where I could showcase my creativity and connect with other people who shared my love of crafting. The response was overwhelming, I received positive feedback from people, and soon began to receive orders.

I take great pride in the progress I have made as a card-maker and am constantly challenging myself to create even more intricate and engaging cards. To me, each card is a unique work of art that speaks volumes about the feelings of the person who gives it and the recipient who receives it.

Bravo Apoorva!

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