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Le Journal de Montréal | PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie, plus de 100h de travail pour chaque seconde du film

The famous Paw Patrol puppies, a real phenomenon among young children, are soon returning to the big screen. Le Journal de Montréal spoke with Nicolas Delval, head of the Mikros Animation studios in Montreal, whose teams animated the colorful dogs.

22 September 2023

In this brand new adventure, a meteorite crashes onto AdventureTown, releasing crystals that give superpowers to the puppies. However, Hellinger (voiced by Ron Pardo in the original version) teams up with Victoria Vance (voiced by Taraji P. Henson in the original version), a slightly crazy scientist who dreams of taking control of the crystals.

“The sequence where the puppies discover their superpowers is one of the key sequences in the film. Therefore, the director, Cal Brunker, had very high expectations. On our side, it’s a sequence that underwent a lot of iterations, meaning it was changed and reworked extensively. In itself, this sequence isn’t that long in terms of actual footage, but it is in terms of seconds. The footage is about 20 to 30% longer. We had the whole range of superpowers. It’s the one that required the most work and involved the most back-and-forth with Cal Brunker’s team,” Nicolas Delval explained.

“We find the characters from the first film, and for the second film, we took special care to bring something amazing in terms of special effects. More than half of the shots in the film are enhanced. By ‘enhanced,’ I mean special effects like explosions, superpowers, etc.,” he emphasized.

“To my knowledge, we had never had an animated film with so many effects. It’s the first time we’re working on a blockbuster, a kind of Avengers for kids. It’s an introduction to this grand spectacle of special effects for the little ones. There are several references in the film, like Star Wars, Ghostbusters, and Avengers, which cater to the tastes of both older and younger audiences,” he mentioned.

“Explosions, fighter jets, meteorites, colorful crystals, and glowing puppy paws with exceptional powers are some of the highlights of Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, which is even more vibrant and dynamic than the first one.”

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