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Master Animation with Mikros: Animatic To Final Animation

9 July 2024

Did you miss the live broadcast? Here’s the replay of the Master Animation on 3D processes!

Dive into the world of animation with us in the latest episode of our masterclass series, and join Deepannita Manna, Animation Lead, and Arjun Babu, Senior Animator from the Mikros team in Bangalore, as they take you through “Animatic To Final Animation”. Discover the journey from initial animatics to polished 3D animation, exploring crucial stages like planning, acting, and blocking. Don’t miss out on their expert insights and techniques for crafting compelling storytelling.


02:28 – Introduction
04:36 – Animatics, Planning, Collecting Reference and Acting
10:05 – Blocking and Splining
19:06 – Polishing
22:04 – QC and Hook up
24:59 – The style of the show and how it is influencing the shot
28:52 – Preparing animators for fearless acting in front of the camera
30:11 – Ask each other anything
41:00 – Thank you