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How the Cinematic Animation Style of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Came Together

By Rebecca Oliver KaplanNov 2nd, 2023, 3:34 pm

9 November 2023

Rebecca Oliver Kaplan has highlighted our Star Cast videos in an article on The Mary Sue website. It’s a chance to rediscover how the cinematic animation style of Star Trek: Prodigy came to be.

The full article is here; Here are a few extracts:

Despite losing in the “Outstanding Animated Series” category, Prodigy’s Mikros Animation team did go home with an Emmy win for “Outstanding Production Design.” Likewise, in 2023, Mikros Animation’s Rakshith A went on to win India’s largest animation award for his work on the series, the Ann Award. In honor of their outstanding work on the series, Mikros Animation has released videos that give insight into its team members creative process and how they make the series look so realistic.

We knew with this property what was to be expected,” said Michael Earnest, Head of Creative Operations, in the video. “We knew the different parties involved: the Star Trek brand itself goes back so far, so it wasn’t just working with Nickelodeon, it was working with the Star Trek team. Nothing that’s come out of that property that has not been top-notch, so it was about doing the best show that we’ve ever produced for Nickelodeon at this time.”

Earnest continued, “Our Mikros Animation team is used to pushing the envelope and delivering the highest episodic quality animation in the world, but this was something completely different. It required a change in mindset. It allowed our artists to kind of play in the sandbox and to push the boundaries. I could not be prouder of the team and what they were able to achieve, whether it be the lighting and the interaction with the characters or just the field of view that the cameras are producing in the movement.”

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