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#FocusArtist – Yannick Honoré, Animation Supervisor

11 April 2024

Yannick Honoré, Animation Supervisor at Mikros Animation Paris, tells you more about his work on the film The Tiger’s Apprentice in this #FocusArtist.

He made significant strides in his career through determination and self-teaching. Despite not having a formal education in animation, he landed his first job through a friend’s recommendation and his own impressive demo reel. Yannick draws inspiration from various sources including manga, American stand-up comedy, and films from the 80s, which influence his approach to animation.

His greatest achievement is turning his passion for animation into a successful career despite facing challenges along the way. If he were a character in Mikros Animation’s films, he would be Benny from Sherlock Gnomes, embodying the role of the loyal friend. Yannick’s superpower would be the ability to replicate others’ powers to try them out for himself. Reflecting on his journey, he advises his younger self to follow his own aspirations rather than being swayed by others’ opinions. Yannick finds the most rewarding aspect of his job to be collaborating with his team and witnessing their creativity come to life in their work.