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FMX 2022 – Using Katana in Highly-Stylized Feature Animation

3 May 2022

FMX – Film and Media Exchange, one of the world’s most important conferences dedicated to digital entertainment, opens its doors today in Stuttgart, Germany.

At this occasion, The Foundry and Mikros Animation will host today a joint presentation on the usage of Katana, a look development and lighting tool, in feature animation.

Since its inception, Mikros Animation has always put creativity and CG artistry at the heart of its animation activities. From its very first feature animation, Asterix – The Mansions of the Gods to its latest projects, the teams at Mikros Animation have helped filmmakers define and develop their vision from script to screen. They make every project unique and ensure that every story becomes unforgettable.

In this presentation, Philippe Palmieri and Marcel Reinhard from our Paris studio will explain why Katana has been chosen to reach these objectives and how it has been integrated in our pipeline in order to deliver the look development and lighting for the unique creative challenges on each project.

Meet them today in The Foundry Suite – Room Mannheim at 2:30pm to get to know more about Mikros Animation’s works in look development and lighting for highly stylized feature animation.

Find out more about Mikros Animation at FMX 2022 by clicking here.