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Character Spotlight | Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight

To celebrate iconic characters out of Mikros Animation, we’re highlighting characters who have made an impact in our studio and our hearts. Today we’re shining a spotlight on our smallest hero, Gus from Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight.

3 October 2022

Once upon a time, there was an icon named Gus… 

To continue our celebration of iconic Mikros characters, we’re shining a spotlight on the tiny knight with a big heart, Gus from Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight.  

Wielding his laser sword, mounted on his electric pony, Gus never misses an opportunity to go on an adventure to accomplish all his missions. The problem is, Gus is…ITSY BITSY! He stands three apples high, to be precise, but has a heart the size of a house! Gus will prove to one and all that a brave heart can overcome everything, and that there’s no greater cavalier than Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight

We sat down with Mikros artists, directors and animators to ask them what they think takes a character like Gus to icon status. 

What makes a character iconic? 

Riash Shahnawaz, Animation Director: “An iconic character is relatable, believable and clearly recognizable, both visually and in their personality. They are rarely perfect and have their share of flaws, that serve to enhance their connection with an audience.”

Aymen Salhi, Digital Development Manager: “For me, a character becomes iconic when he or she can transcend the limits of their original medium and become a figure that is recognized and appreciated by all. This can be through a unique and memorable design, exceptional character traits, or simply a charismatic presence (good or bad). The best iconic characters are those who are able to touch us deeply, make us laugh or inspire us, and those who can make us feel intense and universally shared emotions.”

GUS, LE CHEVALIER MINUS - PGS Entertainment © 2021

Choosing between Plankton, Pectine, Ozi and Gus, which character do you consider the most iconic? And why? 

Riash Shahnawaz: “Having studied Gus from his storybook days all through his animated beginnings, I can speak to what makes Gus iconic. Despite Gus being called a little knight, he is brave and relentless in the face of danger. Like many of us, he can be impulsive in his actions and insecure about the outcome or even of himself while, in the end, still doing something we all aspire to do – reflect positively, forgive and grow. He is reliable and is the friend we sometimes wish, was always around.” 

Aymen Salhi: “In my opinion, Gus is iconic because of the values and messages he conveys, and I hope he will be even more so with season 2, which is currently in development at Mikros Animation IP. Season 1 posted very good ratings in many territories, including France and the UK. But to be honest, the biggest success has been the launch of a line of toys from Mattel-Fisher Price entirely dedicated to Gus and his universe! It’s great to see Gus’ popularity spread far beyond the original work in which he evolves!”

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