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Season 2 of Gus the itsy bitsy Knight is coming soon!

Yesterday was the TFOU press conference to announce their new programmes for young people… including the posting of season 2 of Gus at the end of the summer!

28 June 2023

Matthieu Cordier – Director of Gus, Yann Labasque – Director of the TF1 Youth Unit, Stéphane Chereau – TF1 Programme Manager, , Isabelle Dinh Van Chi – Artistic Producer Mikros Animation IP and Thierry Pinardaud – Executive Producer Mikros Animation IP.

Yesterday was a remarkable day for Mikros Animation IP as they attended the TFOU press conference to unveil their latest programs targeted at young audiences. Among the exciting announcements made during the event was the eagerly awaited release of season 2 of Gus, the itsy bitsy knight, scheduled to be aired at the end of the summer!

Find out more about the scope of Mikros Animation IP’s work on the Gus animated series here.