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Inspired by Doreen Cronin’s popular children’s book series, the show follows Coop, Little Boo and Sweetie – a trio of young chicken siblings – and their mentor Captain Tully, a retired search and rescue dog, who use teamwork and critical thinking skills to solve problems and keep the peace in their backyard. Whether rescuing a stranded puppy from a creek, helping a bird track down its missing food, or solving the mystery of how their mom’s prized flowers got trampled, the Chicken Squad is always ready to lend a helping wing.


Disney Junior, Wild Canary


Elliott M. Bour, Scott Bern, Kimberly Mills, Arielle Yett, Monika Tomova, Pat Pakula, James Burks, Mike Kunkel


28 x 11'

Services provided

Creative studio (Bangalore)

Distributed by

Disney Junior

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We did face a few challenges – it is one of the few shows where 90% of the characters have full-body fur and hair, accessories, and costumes with a lot of switches. ”

Dheeraj Joseph, Senior Supervisor