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VFX Voice | 2023 Global Perspective: Thought Leaders on the VFX and Animation Superhighway

Mikros Animation’s SVP & Global Head of Production, Adrianna ‘AJ’ Cohen, gives her thoughts on the future of our industry in VFX Voice’s virtual roundtable.

12 January 2023
Iwájú, a comics-style animated series set in a futuristic Lagos, Nigeria, is the first production between Disney Animation and an outside studio, African animation company Kugali. CG animation is provided by Cinesite. (Image courtesy of Disney+)

What does the road ahead look like for the VFX and animation industries? The subjects that are most top of mind for those at the nexus of VFX and animation include: real-time, virtual production, LED volumes, AI, machine learning, AR, the Cloud, hybrid working, tangible effects of the pandemic, global expansion and the search for talent. With the world canvas now a bullet train of VFX-infused movies, via streaming and related platforms, a global cross-section of industry leaders meets in this VFX Voice virtual roundtable to discuss the outlook for the new year. 

Adrianna ‘AJ’ Cohen, Senior Vice President/Global Head of Production, Mikros Animation 

The technology in animation is improving at an incredible rate. An animator’s ability to create uniquely beautiful animation is getting easier and more accessible. This allows all previously unattainable ideas to come to life (e.g., mocap, animation/live-action hybrids, 2D and 3D content, etc.), and studios can take more chances on ideas they couldn’t previously afford to. 

In addition to the advancement in technology, the movement to streaming providers has created a demand never seen before. Everything is changing. The need for resources will drive opportunities for every artist across the globe, which is an excellent opportunity for Mikros Animation and everyone working in the field. The challenge as a studio, however, will be to figure out how to attract and train talent, and make them part of our family. 

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