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Under the Mikroscope 🔍 Nupur Mehta, Surfacing Artist

Surfacing Artist, Nupur Mehta is under the Mikroscope! Nupur shares their inspirations, biggest achievement so far, and an insight into their role at Mikros Animation in Bangalore.

25 May 2023

Our Mikros Animation Bangalore studio is going under the Mikroscope! We asked our creative talent 8 questions so you that you can get to know them, their experience in VFX, and their successes. At the end, they in turn pass the baton to one of their colleagues to go under the Mikroscope.

Today we spotlight Nupur Mehta, Surfacing Artist at Mikros Animation, who talks about their career highlights, inspirations, superpowers, and an insight into their role at Mikros Animation.

What is the best part of your job? 

The best part of my job is the creative process, it’s like a dream come true, from watching the making of animated movies on YouTube to being a part of the team that makes it. 

What was the first project you worked on when you joined Mikros Animation? 

Fast & Furious Spy Racers was my first project after I joined Mikros. It was a great way to begin my career. The show had the largest Surfacing crew, so I got a great head start with so many talented artists around me. I learned a lot about the aesthetic and technical aspects from them. 

Share your student and professional background to get to your position at Mikros Animation! 

I completed my BFA in Animation and VFX in Jaipur. I then got an internship at Maya Digital Studio in Mumbai and worked there for nearly a year. During that time, I attended a Technicolor recruitment event, and it was a turning point in my career. 

Who or what inspires you? 

My biggest inspiration is my parents. They have always been very supportive of me and my dreams, always encouraging me to do my best. And Baiju Sundaresan, our Surfacing HOD, always inspired me with his ability to handle so many different shows and styles of animation at the same time. 

If you had to be a character in Mikros Animation’s films and series, who would you be? 

I would like to be Dal R’El from Star Trek: Prodigy, so I could explore the universe with my friends. 

Your biggest achievement so far? 

The opportunity to work on Star Trek: Prodigy was a great experience. While everyone was working together from so many different locations during the pandemic, we managed to all get the same desired look and feel of the show. Seeing the final output of the show, I’m very proud to say, “We did that!” 

What would be your superpower?  

The best superpower for me is teleportation, so I would be able to traver the entire world and visit all the incredible locations without being constrained by the borders which separate our large, lovely planet. 

What advice would you give to your younger self?  

Have patience, there will be ups and downs along the way. Stay calm and you will reach the other side. Remember, haste makes waste.

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