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Tiger Talks 🐯 Sabine Heller, Global Head of Characters and Environments

The countdown is on – The Tiger’s Apprentice is hitting Paramount+ in a week!

Whilst you eagerly await, we’re kicking off our Tiger Talks interview series, where our Mikros Animation teams spill all the behind-the-scenes details about their contributions to the film.

25 January 2024

Sabine Heller, our Global Head of Characters & Environments, speaks in this new Tiger Talk to share her challenges on The Tiger’s Apprentice, which is releasing in a week on Paramount+!

  • To start, can you tell us more about your journey in animation?

I started around 18 years ago doing 3D work for commercials in Germany. After that, I spent most of my career at Blue Sky Studios on animated features like “Rio”, “Ice Age”, “The Peanuts Movie” and “Spies in Disguise”. Almost three years ago, I joined Mikros Animation, just in time for The Tiger’s Apprentice

  • What was your role on TA as the Head of Characters and Environments? 

I primarily worked with the Characters departments (modeling, rigging, grooming, and surfacing) to advise and support them in their creative approaches and to help make sure that we were always in synch with the Paramount team. 

  • What were the main artistic and technical challenges on TA? 

One of the big challenges was the variety of different characters on the show. We have humans, demons and all the 12 animals of the Chinese horoscope. There is a lot of action and most of them have to speak, act and fight, everyone in their own way! There was a lot to figure out! 

  • What’s your favorite character?

Mistral is my favorite! She is badass! And who doesn’t want to meet a dragon? 

  • What are you most proud of on TA?

I am the most proud of how everyone came together with one common goal: to make this film look amazing! So many individuals all over the world, in-person at the studio and remotely, stepped up to make this wonderful film. Kudos! 

  • Describe the film in 3 words 😊

Magical, fantastical, legendary 

  • Any final words?

I definitely want to give a shout out to everyone who worked on this film: I couldn’t feel more privileged and proud to have been working with you. I will never forget it, especially since it was my first movie at Mikros Animation. Thank you all, you did a marvelous job! 

Thanks Sabine!