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Team Interviews | PAW’d Cast season 2

6 November 2023

Creating a sequel to a movie always means aiming to outdo the first one!
Check out the insights from the Mikros Animation teams in Montreal, as they share what they had to improve from the first film and how they approached this new challenge!

Episode 1/4 A sequel like no other

What would a superhero movie be without superpowers and costumes? Our Mikros Animation teams in Montreal explain how they pampered our favorite pups to create a super Paw Patrol!

Episode 2/4 Superpowers and Supersuiting

Explosions, clouds, and meteorites – the Mikros Animation teams in Montreal explain to you in this third episode of PAW’d Cast what the challenges and stakes were in PAW Patrol: The Mighty Movie.

Episode 3/4 A Meteorite at AdventureCity

To tackle the challenge of a second PAW Patrol movie, we needed a super team! Good memories, anecdotes, and a positive vibe: here’s the fourth and final episode of our PAW’d Cast!

Episode 4/4 Super-Mikros for the Super-Patrol

Thanks to:

Emma Debard Arthaud – Compositing Artist
Brune De Miscault – Lighting Supervisor
Romain Peron – Crowd Supervisor
Romain Grillon – Groom & CFX Supervisor

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