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Meet the talent at Mikros Animation!

4 August 2021

In this new #OpenMik episode, we invite you to meet with Jacques Daigle, Animation Supervisor on The SpongeBob Movie : Sponge on the Run. 

He talks about his role, what drove him to the animation industry and he shares some secrets of the making of the film! 

More about Jacques

Jacques Daigle is a Canadian animator from New-Brunswick. He’s been drawn to animation from an early age, making flipbooks, home movies and stop motion videos years before his high-school graduation.

He started his career in 2003 working on 2D animated TV shows before teaching himself Maya and making a jump to 3D animated films. 

Having opportunities to work for companies such as Rainmaker, Sony Pictures, and now Mikros Animation, he had the fortune to work on films in many different art styles such as Escape from Planet Earth, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and The SpongeBob Movie : Sponge on the Run, for which he’s been nominated for the 2021 VES Award. Throughout these experiences, he continues to explore ways to breathe life into characters as they move along their journey.

Daily sketching the life around him in a humble sketchbook, Jacques has always been passionate about animation, loving it to its last frame.