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Talent Spotlights

Meet Riash Shahnawaz

21 March 2022

With a Masters in Digital Arts from Pratt, New York, Riash’s first directorial animated venture was nominated at the Student Academy Awards by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. Trained in the fields of 2D, 3D and robotics, he possesses a broad working experience in visual effects for film, commercials and animated content for television.

Having the opportunity to work with many talented artists and starting his journey in the industry since 1999, he brings a strong combination of acting skills, storytelling, technical knowledge and production efficiency with a core focus in the art of character animation, serving key roles in the animation development on multiple intellectual properties and long-running series productions

In his previous tenure as Head of Creative and Interim Head of Operations, he was instrumental in the recruitment and growth of a 25-member team to a strong collective of 340+ skilled artists, production staff and technicians.

In his current role as Animation Director at Mikros Animation, he has successfully delivered multiple animated series and IPs, training teams across the globe through animation workshops, developing character personas with directors/producers and crafts the performances on multiple shows.

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