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Master Animation with Mikros | Animatics To Final Animation

The fourth edition of Master Animation with Mikros is here!

27 June 2024
Master Animation with Mikros
Are you ready for the latest episode of Master Animation with Mikros?

The fourth edition of the masterclass series dedicated to exploring the intricacies of animation and visual storytelling, is here!

In this brand new episode, “Animatics To Final Animation” we are thrilled to feature two Mikros stalwarts: Deepannita Manna, Animation Lead, and Arjun Babu, Senior Animator from the Bangalore studio. Both bring to the table a wealth of knowledge and experience, promising a deep dive into the world of 3D animation.

Join us as they navigate the entire 3D animation process: from initial animatics to the polished final animation. This episode will cover various stages of animatics, covering essential aspects such as planning, acting, and blocking. Tune in to hear their insights & techniques, for comprehensive understanding of how each step contributes to the overall storytelling.

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