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1 September 2021

Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight airs for the very first time on Wednesday, September 1 on France major broadcast network, TF1. It is the latest collaboration between Mikros Animation and the broadcaster. The 52 11-minute episodes have been announced as part of the new season’s offerings on TFOU, TF1’s youth unit. The series will air every Wednesday on TFOU and is also available for replay on My TF1.

The series, produced and created by Mikros Animation (formerly Technicolor Animation Productions), with the participation of TF1 and Disney Germany, is an adaptation of the albums by Dankerleroux and Françoise de Guibert (Editions Gulf Stream).

This audiovisual adaptation was designed with the utmost respect for the original albums and has plenty of surprises in store for us, as explained by the artistic producer, Isabelle Dinh Van Chi:

Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight is a 2D/3D action-comedy for ages 4/7. It follows the adventures of Gus, a little boy who wishes to become the greatest knight of Karamel, a medieval kingdom indeed, but full of anachronisms. Dragons rub shoulders with electric ponies and witches fly around on turbo-brooms. We have exploited and pushed the original concept to make Gus, a little knight with big dreams: nothing is impossible for a willing heart!”

With Sandrine Nguyen, producer of the series, Fiona Leibgorin, author of the literary bible, Didier Lejeune, writing director and Matthieu Cordier, director, we wanted to embark our young audience in epic, playful and colorful adventures while keeping the resolutely modern and funny but also tender tone of the albums. In each episode, Gus makes a small initiatory journey and will fulfill his dearest wish: to grow up.

Isabelle Dinh Van Chi, Artistic Producer

Click here to watch the trailer on TFOU YouTube channel.