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2 August 2021

The Pipeline Conference and the Digital Production Symposium (DigiPro) 2021 are coming together again this year, from 27-29 July, to share the latest developments in CG production pipelines with professionals in the Gaming, Animation and Immersive Media industries.

Intended to foster discussion and experience sharing, the conferences, which will take place exclusively online, will feature presentations demonstrating how a particular technical approach has been used or could be used to solve a particular pipeline problem. In general, the presentations should inspire and empower the pipeline community.

On this year’s programme, don’t miss ‘The Crowd Challenges on The SpongeBob Movie : Sponge on the Run on Tuesday, July 27. It will be co-presented by William Bobant and Guillaume Dufief for Mikros Animation and Nicolas Chaverou of Golaem. 

For more information and to attend the conferences, visit the event website by clicking here. As the conferences are available on the platform in replay, it will be possible to register until August 8th.