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Mune: Guardian of the Moon


When a faun named Mune becomes the Guardian of the Moon, his lack of experience doesn't prepare him for what's to come. Little did he know, an accident would put both the sun and the moon in danger when a corrupt titan named Necross wants the sun for himself, placing the balance of night and day in great peril. Now, with the help of a wax-child named Glim and the warrior, Sohone who also became the Sun Guardian, they embark on an exciting journey to get the Sun back and restore the Moon to its rightful place in the sky.


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Benoît Philippon & Alexandre Heboyan

Services provided

Creative Studio (Montreal)

Full credits on IMDB
2015 Annecy International Film Festival
Nominee – Best Feature
2015 TIFF Kids International Film Festival
Best Feature Film – Young People’s Jury Award
2015 Tokyo Anime Award
Best Film

On the texture side, Guerilla Render, Mikros’ rendering engine was able to give its measure: we had to be able to light amber, wax or lava realistically, with the required transluminescence.”

Article written by Paul Schmitt and published by, October 2015