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XP PEN Webinar | Fundamentals Of Animation By Prathik PG

22 March 2023

Established in 2005, XPPen integrates digital drawing products, content and services and is a digital brand known worldwide for its innovation in digital art.

Fundamentals of Animation By Prathik PG

Follow the webinar organised by XP PEN and presented by Prathik PG, Animation Supervisor at Mikros Animation on 8 April 2023 by registering here!

Prathik PG is an Animation Supervisor at Mikros Animation, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. He has been involved in several high-profile feature films. As an Animation Supervisor, Prathik is responsible for managing teams, overseeing production pipelines, and providing guidance to team members to help them achieve their best work that meets clients’ expectations.

What Will It Cover?

– Introduction to Animation
– Overview of Animation & Film Industry
– Styles of Animation
– Animation Principles
– Production Pipeline
– Launching a Career in Animation
– Q & A