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Thelma The Unicorn Directors Jared Hess & Lynn Wang On The Film’s Theme Of Self-Acceptance

Jared Hess and Lynn Wang chat with Screen Rant about the importance of Thelma and Otis’ relationship and the predominant themes in Thelma the Unicorn.

29 April 2024
Mikros Animation

Netflix’s new animated film, Thelma the Unicorn, releases on the streaming service on May 17 and stars Brittany Howard, Will Forte, and Jon Heder. The feature is based on Aaron Blabey’s popular children’s book, but its whimsical universe and wholesome sentiments make it a worthy watch for viewers of all ages.

Jared Hess and Lynn Wang are thrilled at the opportunity to bring Blabey’s work to the screen and preserve the author’s theme of self-acceptance. The story resonates with both directors, as it captures the everyday struggle of being noticed in a world that relies too heavily on physical appearance. Hess and Wang use Thelma’s style to subvert the unicorn trope and are hopeful that viewers will appreciate the film’s universal message.

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