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Meet Sandrine Nguyen

11 June 2021

A graduate of the American University of Paris, Sandrine has over 25 years of experience in the audiovisual industry.

After eight years with Ex Machina, where she quickly became Senior Vice President, Sandrine took the risk to join a new start-up, Attitude Studio. Under her management, Attitude Studio, an animation production studio, became a worldwide leader thanks to the contracts she initiated and signed with the main players of the entertainment industry, including Disney, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures Animation and Vivendi Games.

In 2007, Sandrine founded OuiDO! Entertainment with Boris Hertzog, where she developed animated series and film projects. These developments were sold in 2008 to Genao Productions (Lagardère Entertainment) where she took over the management.

In three years, Sandrine developed and produced seven animated series as Executive Producer and Head of Development. In 2013, Sandrine and Boris took over the business activity of Genao Productions and created OuiDO! Productions.

In 2015, the Technicolor Group acquired OuiDO Productions. As a General Manager and Executive Producer of Technicolor Animation Production, Sandrine oversaw all artistic activities of Technicolor Animation Productions as well as its business development by entering co-production agreements around the world. Since 2007, Sandrine has initiated, developed and produced more than 15 series including Alvin and the Chipmunks, Sonic Boom, Monchhichi Tribe and The Legendaries.

In 2021, Technicolor united all its animation activities under the Mikros Animation brand. Sandrine was then appointed Senior Vice President, Episodic & IP of the new group. Shortly thereafter, the first season of the original production Gus, The Itsy Bitsy Knight premiered on TF1 in France and has since been broadcast in over 70 territories.