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Netflix Details Animated Film Slate with First Looks at ‘Thelma the Unicorn’ and More

25 April 2023

Following its Academy Award win for Guillermo del Toro’s PinocchioNetflix reveals details for nine animated films to be released over the next 18 months. This slate of family movies join the streamer’s growing animated feature portfolio, which has garnered seven Oscar nominations for Best Animated Feature — the most of any individual animation studio since its inception in 2018.

thelma the unicorn Netflix Mikros animation
Thelma the Unicorn [Netflix © 2023]

Thelma the Unicorn — First look image.

Thelma is a small-time pony who dreams of becoming a glamourous music star. In a pink and glitter-filled moment of fate, Thelma is transformed into a unicorn and instantly rises to global stardom. But this new life of fame comes at a cost.

Directed by Lynn Wang (Unikitty!) and Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite), produced by Pam Coats. Coming in 2024.

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