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31 March 2021

You thought you knew everything about Montreal? 

On March 22, Cartoon Brew has published an article dedicated to the diversity of Montreal’s animation industry and how it has weathered a year of Covid-19.

At the start of the sanitary crisis last year, animation studios boasted that things remained virtually unchanged. As we enter the second year of Covid-19, that continues to be the case for many studios. With the insatiable hunger for content from new streaming outlets, animation was in a bit of a golden age. With everyone locked away in their homes, the demand for content has clearly not diminished. 

This has led to stiff competition for talent. With animators able to work remotely or in cities with a lower cost of living, the article also talks about the challenges faced by the Montreal-based studios to lure talents. 

Amongst other local studio representatives, Julien Meesters, CEO of Mikros Image has been interviewed on how Mikros Animation Montreal has gone through this extraordinary period of time. He also shares his point of view on the benefits that Montreal offers and its unique position in Canada’s animation landscape. 

To know more, please read the full article on Cartoon Brew’s website.