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Under The Mikroscope 🔍 Pauline Duponchel – Assistante de Production Globale à Mikros Animation Montréal

Après avoir mis en lumière nos superbes équipes de Paris et de Bangalore, c’est maintenant au tour de Montréal de se dévoiler un tout petit peu ! Ils passent au microscope dans cette interview et vous partagent leur parcours, leurs inspirations et leurs réussites.

6 December 2023

Now it’s Pauline Duponchel’s turn, Global Production Assistant at Mikros Animation Montreal, to tell us about the amazing challenge she tackled: handling four feature film projects at the same time!

  • What’s the best part of your job?

Probably the opportunity to connect with a lot of people and such a variety of personalities (artists, supervisors, production, HR, IT, Paris, Bangalore).

  • What was the first project you worked on when you joined Mikros Animation?

When I arrived at Mikros Montreal, there were four ongoing projects: Thelma The Unicorn, Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie, The Tiger Apprentice and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. So, right from the start, I had the chance to work not on one but four projects simultaneously, exposing myself to different working methods.

  • Share your educational and professional journey leading to your position at Mikros Animation!

Let’s not say I got here by chance, but almost… I have a rather eclectic professional background. After earning a degree in industrial ceramics engineering, I worked in research and development in that field for several years (a shout-out to my former colleagues).

In 2013, the call of adventure led us on a year-long journey to New Zealand with my partner. Then work opportunities brought us to Montreal a few years later, initially for 9 months… Haha.

Anyway, two kids and a pandemic later, I sought a new challenge. Well, I didn’t go very far, and the field wasn’t entirely unfamiliar since I’ve been sharing my life with a Mikros supervisor who talks a lot (I mean, really a lot) about his work for over 17 years.

  • What inspires you?

I’ve significantly reassessed my life priorities with the birth of my children. They are the ones I find most inspiring, or at least, it’s to set an example for them that I strive to improve every day.

  • If you were to be a character from Mikros Animation films and series, who would you be?

Sherlock Gnome, a detective, curious, insightful, determined (and small).

  • Your greatest achievement so far?

Adapting to different countries, experiencing various cultures, and building connections with people around the world.

  • What would be your superpower?

Slowing down time to have enough to successfully complete all the projects I have pending.

  • What advice would you give to your younger self?

What I would say to my younger self is what I can still say to my current self… Try to enjoy the present moment.

Thank you Pauline! Do you want to join our Parisian teams? Apply here!