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TF1 | “French studio brings Ninja Turtles back in 3D”

7 August 2023

Mikros Animation teams on TV! Joining Jeff Rowe on a duplex from Los Angeles, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teams appeared on the 1pm news on TF1 :

In all, 500 designers worked on the film for over two years. It was a long and meticulous process, sometimes taking several days to complete for a single special effect. “It can be a day for some shots, or a week or two for a second or two of animation,” says Kévin Simorre, lead of special effects at Mikros Animation.

“In terms of style, we had to have something close to a teenager’s drawing done at the bottom of a page, something very dynamic, very spontaneous,” he described.

French know-how immediately appealed to American Ninja Turtles director Jeff Rowe. “French designers are the best artists in the world. They understand the style and movement of the characters,” he explained.

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