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7 October 2021

We are very excited to welcome Sabine Heller, Global Head of Character Animation & Rigging at Mikros Animation!

Sabine is a 3D animation industry expert working as the Global Head of Character Animation & Rigging of Mikros Animation with an everlasting passion for 3D character creation. In her 15 years of industry experience, Sabine has worked on commercial projects for clients such as Jägermeister and Ferrero, as well as 3D scanning for Visual Effects and toys at Gentle Giant Studios. She has spent most of her career at Blue Sky Studios on animated features like “Rio”, “Ice Age”, “The Peanuts Movie” and “Spies in Disguise”.

Sabine holds a degree in Media System Design from the Hochschule Darmstadt in Germany, and a MFA in Computer Art from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She also received a PhD in Film Studies from the University of Kent in Canterbury.

As a firm believer in education and giving back to the 3D community, Sabine has been teaching classes at the Filmakademie, AnimSchool and the NY School of Visual Arts.

She is also an active member of Women in Animation, the Visual Effects Society, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Sabine and all the Mikros Animation teams will continue to push the look, technology, workflow and organization for 3D character animation to the highest quality standards.

#Welcome Sabine!