Job Description

The ‘Lead TD Image’ manages a Team of TDs contributing to the final look of the image. Working with teams of the Surfacing, Matte Painting, Lighting and Compositing departments and collaborating with the supervisors of these departments (and their artists) in order to optimize and maintain the tools used daily, including creating new ones when necessary. The Lead TD Image is part of the Pipeline team and as in any teamwork, may be required to assist teammates on other tasks than those expected of the position. Also in contact with the Softwares team, they participate in the good communication and collaboration between these 2 teams. 



  • Lead and technically guide the team to establish a high level of quality in the tools delivered while respecting production deadlines
  • Implement effective strategies to meet project requirements
  • Provide creative ideas and solutions to optimize visual and technical quality
  • Develop tools and procedures to support the creative process
  • Understand the visual requirements for the film, and design procedures, techniques and tools that will enable these to be met
  • Organize, priorities and support the Surfacing, Matte Painting, Lighting and Compositing teams in resolving day-to-day issues through the correct communication channels
  • Ensure the maintenance and improvement of the Mikros Animation ‘Tools Box’ of the Surfacing, Matte Painting, Lighting and Compositing departments
  • Collaborate with the other Lead TDs of the departments adjacent to the Lighting and Compositing departments and provide them with the necessary assistance to guarantee the efficiency and quality of the tools used
  • Work according to Mikros Animation coding style
  • Liaise with the software team to ensure compliance with internal practices
  • Ensure the follow-up and the relevance of the creation and update of the technical documentation of the developed tools
  • Test and validate new versions of pre-existing tools, both interactive ones (mainly Substance/Nuke) and in an active production environment
  • Optimize the workflow of the Look Dev department 


Skills and experience required 

  • A first experience in team management
  • Strong knowledge of Python development
  • Previous experience as a TD on animated feature film, animated television series and/or VFX feature film projects
  • Thorough understanding of Surfacing, Matte Painting, Lighting and Compositing
  • Knowledge of Nuke, Arnold and Substance
  • Advanced level of understanding of 3D packages, rendering technologies and lighting principles
  • Ability to code review and troubleshoot problems as they arise
  • Ability to quickly understand the use of commercially available and proprietary software tools
  • Be able to organize your work efficiently and prioritize the artists’ requests while meeting the expected production deadlines.
  • Strong written and verbal French and/or English language skills
  • Ability to communicate in both a technical and artistic manner with various personality types
  • Ability to work collaboratively and share knowledge

 Additionnal assets: 

  • Knowledge of Katana and Photoshop
  • Coding in C++ & Javascript
  • Experience with color pipelines using ACES/OCIO

Salary & Contract

  • Location: Paris, 4th (Remote work would be considered for this position)
  • Contract: Fixed-term contract (CDDU, Intermittent du Spectacle)
  • Compensation: according to profile
  • 75% Navigo refund upon presentation of a proof (=public transport)
  • Restaurant Tickets = 9,35€/worked day (=luncheon voucher).
  • Start date: ASAP


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