As part of a new international animated feature film, Mikros Animation is looking for Digital Matte Painting artists to join its great team! 

Job Description 

Under the responsibility of the MattePainting Supervisor, the Mattepainter works on the 2D and 2.5D painted sets, on 360° skydomes or generic mattepainting assets, as well as extensions of the CG environment for the feature length movie. 


  • Produce the mattepainting sets of the film in accordance with the vision of the director and the artistic director 
  • Transpose the references/concept/colorkeys in final images technically-ready to be delivered to the Compositing department 
  • Create scenery, landscapes and environments within a 3D décor and using a wide range of tools (2D and 3D)  
  • Work closely with the DMP supervisor on image composition, design, style, lighting and graphic transposition topics in accordance with the feature length movie objectives 
  • Create and project the paintings (2D) in 3D in accordance with the technical specifications of the project (mono) 
  • Correct and ensure the technical consistency of one’s own work: resolution, technical and artistic quality of the mattepainting, correction of stretching if necessary 
  • Work directly with the Art Department, Layout, Lighting and Compositing.


Skills required…  

  • Painter and illustrator skills (ideally a BG concept/color artist profile, or VFX mattepainter with a good level of drawing) 
  • Good knowledge of Maya 
  • Strong knowledge of Nuke and Photoshop 
  • Solid technical and visual skills 
  • Excellent attention to detail and understanding of the different stages of creation and production of an animated film  
  • Excellent communication and listening skills  
  • English: read spoken written.

And appreciated assets:

  • Practicing Photography (digital or traditional) 
  • Notions of 2D animation (posing, timing…) 
  • Knowledge of Arnold (maya) 
  • Previous experience with Linux 
  • Understanding of color management (EXR, ACES, LUT, colorspaces) 
  • Team spirit and a test for problem solving (artistic and technical) 

Salary & Contract

  • Location : Paris 4th
  • Contract : Fixed-term contract 
  • Compensation : according to profile
  • 75% Navigo refund upon presentation of a proof
  • Restaurant Tickets =  9,35€/worked day 
  • Start date : ASAP