Mikros Animation is currently working on various full CG feature films, including Tiger’s Apprentice (Paramount Feature Animation) directed by Carlos Baena and produced by Paramount Animation in Paris. 

We are looking for Animators of all levels to join our great team!  

Job Description

The Tiger’s Apprentice is a well-balanced animated feature filmFilled with action and emotional moments, based on human AND creature performances.  

Under the supervision of their Lead and the Animation Director, the  Animators will be in charge of animating characters and props while ensuring, that the artistic vision of the Director is respected.  

Department entries will take place between January and Spring 2021. The entire department as well as the Animation Director will be based in Paris (given the global health crisis, this information may change over time).


  • Carry out global research work per shot on the characters acting 
  • Work from Storyboard / Animatics / Layout to create key-frame animation at a feature level 
  • Communicate closely with the Leads and Animation Director to convey the artistic vision in demand  
  • Maintain the plan-to-plan work continuity at a level of quality required  
  • Respect the animation quotas given by the production  
  • Prepare presentation elements for dailies 
  • Contribute to animation bank 


Skills and experience required 

  • Excellent expertise in MAYA 
  • Experience in 3D character animation, with a high-level of performance animation 
  • Strong sense for posing, spacing and timing, and an excellent knowledge of both physical animation & acting 
  • Ability to work within an established pipeline and to use custom tools 
  • Ability to understand and effectively interprete a storyboard as well as the Lead’s and Animation Director’s feedback 
  • Excellent time management and organization skills 
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills 

 Additionnal assets: 

  • Animated feature and/or action game experience 
  • Strong sensibility for physical believability 
  • Strong skills in quadruped animation 
  • Traditional animation (2D) skills are a plus 
  • Shotgun knowledge 

Salary & Contract

  • Location: Paris, 4th
  • Contract: Fixed-term contract
  • Compensation: according to profile
  • 75% Navigo refund upon presentation of a proof
  • Restaurant Tickets = 9,35€/worked day
  • Start date: ASAP 


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Mikros Animation subscribes to the principle of equality and diversity in the workplace.